Fasac is a hub of innovation, ideas and productivity dedicated entirely to the world of fashion.
Our large industrial site of over 40,000 square metres has been contributing to great ‘Made in Italy’ quality output since 1955.

Today, Fasac has more than 300 employees and distributes its products in over 40 countries worldwide.
The company's success is enshrined in strong direct relationships with many world-famous brands that have become loyal to a partner capable of substantial innovation and ample production capacity, always with the utmost attention to detail.


Fasac quality is rooted in the combination of technologically advanced printing machinery and the know-how embodied in a textile tradition centred on detail and style.
Our quality is directly testified by the numerous awards and certifications that our brand has acquired over the years, including:

the OEKO-TEX® certificate based on tissue enrichment processes (dyeing, printing and finishing) which guarantees the quality and safety of the product in all respects

the prestigious SERI.CO certificate that further qualifies the quality of the company's organisation and its products

the main certification attesting the sustainable production of garments and textile products made with natural fibres obtained from organic farming









Printing and finishing

Technological advancement represents the real turning point in the history of Fasac.
All the company divisions are sustained by investments in modern and efficient systems that allow for very high-volume production runs and the highest quality standards.

Printing production capacity per day:

100,000 mt

The Printing Division boasts important numbers and highly evolved systems, such as the Lario machines, the ultimate in high-efficiency digital printing.
These "single pass" machines can produce 3000 metres of fabric per hour with a productivity 100 times higher than standard machines.

Our printing technology is backed up by an efficient finishing, steaming and washing department.
Indeed, Fasac product quality is very high also due to the effectiveness of the processes applied to the fibres of the fabric, making it soft, workable and ready for different applications.

Dyeing and finishing

The dyeing division also boasts important results and know-how that has been developed and refined in over 50 years of activity.
With a production capacity of over 20,000 m of dyed fabric supplied in batches from 25 to 3,000 m and 30,000 m of product prepared for digital processing per day, the facility located in Città della Pieve in Umbria ensures the company a continuous flow of resources capable of satisfying severe market demands.


FLOW units


finishing lines


photovoltaic power plant

Airo Sanfor Garzi Tumbler

Robotised Workshop

Independent water purification and fume abatement facilities


Alongside our technological strength and organisation, we have our most important resource: our people.
The creative division is staffed by over 40 professionals who work every day to stay in line with fashion trends.
We create patterns, colour variants, colour combinations and canopies.
The most commonly used tools are brushes scissors and computers because creating a style is a job that needs ideas but also a lot of manual skill.

Green Vision

"Green awareness" is at the heart of Fasac's core values and takes the form of a sustainability policy applied to various business areas.

The company has invested in the field of energy efficiency and optimisation of energy consumption with the installation of 2 photovoltaic plants and 1 gas cogeneration plant.

Moreover, the company pays great attention to processing materials:

  • In collaboration with LIFE dNtreat, we built an innovative pilot wastewater treatment plant for the removal of nitrogen
  • Dyes are managed with rigorously controlled disposal practices
  • Solar panels support traditional installations
  • Transfer printing paper residue is subjected to sorted waste disposal
  • We employ purification systems certified to the most stringent European standards


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